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2013 September 19th @ 08:35
Does anyone happen to have:
the end of genesis T.M.R.evolution turbo type D's 陽炎-KAGEROH- ?
It's from 1999, part of TMRevolution's side project.
Care to upload or post a working DL? Either the song or single would be good :D

PS: I have found some versions but they were poor quality or the end was cut off :/

T.M.Revolution's Takanori Nishikawa gave harsh words of advice to Reina Tanaka, formerly of Morning Musume, now with LoVendoЯ, when she guested on his show Nishikawa Takanori no Ienomi!! on NicoNico Live Broadcast.

LoVendoЯ is a "twin vocalist-twin guitarist" band consisting of members Reina Tanaka and Marina Okada on vocals, and Yuki Uozumi and Marin Miyazawa on guitars.

Tanaka was part of the unit since its formation in June of 2012 and balanced it with Morning Musume. She officially concentrated on the band after graduating from Morning Musume last May 21. (Related post HERE)

When asked about the reason for the formation of the band, Tanaka answered: "Because Tsunku-san said so".
When Tanaka told Tsunku that she wanted to graduate but still keep on singing, Tsunku offered her the position in the band.

While they were showing a live performance VTR of the band singing Takuro Yoshida's "Kyou made soshite ashita kara", Nishikawa asked:
"Uhmmm... who's the one who decides what kind of music you play?"
When Tanaka said: "The higher-ups of the company", Nishikawa replied: "Aw c'mon, let's do things properly. I don't think this is the type of music people want to hear from LoVendoЯ"

Nishikawa also gave comments to Uozumi who declared that she's a fan of Extreme's guitarist Nuno Bettencourt: "I'm sure you want to play more seriously, like powerful riffs, right?" to which Uozumi replied: "Well... Yes". But Tanaka immediately rebutted: "But things are still good the way they are now, right? We can't go against the decisions made by the agency".

Nishikawa then said to Tanaka:
"No, I don't think so! Why? What's the matter with you?"
Nishikawa said that he thought of her as a person who had strong determination, as she was able to quit Morning Musume so she can focus on the band.

Nishikawa could not understand why Tanaka needs to keep following what her agency says.
He followed up with: "People over 50 are the only ones who would think of turning folk music into rock music. I just thought to myself that no one will dig that sort of thing and was really wondering why your agency is trying to make you do that".

Tanaka answered that she's not just following what her agency tells her to do. "I did that for 10 years and failed, and that's why I'm here now after learning from all my mistakes".

Nishikawa still can't accept this and insisted that they stray away from the path the agency wants them to take: "You should officially look for a bassist and a drummer, and form a real band. I think you guys should honestly consider doing what you think is cool..."

Similar conversations continued throughout the program, and after all the arguments, Tanaka declared with a smile: "Alright! Nishikawa-san will be producing LoVendoЯ!", to which Nishikawa suddenly said: "No, don't go making declarations like that! We still can't get past the boundaries set up by your agency! But yes, if your agency will tell you to go explore possible collaborations with outsiders then..."
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2013 August 13th @ 12:32
Hey guys!

I am selling a T.M.Revolution SUMMARIZE DVDs + Abingdon Boy's School Singles + Concert DVD Bundle!


Bundle includes:

- Summarize DVDs 1-4 (COMPLETE SET) (No.4 still in factory seal~)
- T.M. Revolution Live Revolution '06 ~Under: Cover~ Concert DVD (Two disk set)
- Abingdon Boy's School INNOCENT SORROW single CD
- Abingdon Boy's School HOWLING single CD
- Abingdon Boy's School BLADE CORD single CD
- Abingdon Boy's School NEPHILIM single CD

Please check out the auction here: http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=151101169902

2013 August 7th @ 10:00

All information for the concert lining process has been posted here! I plan to be there by noon or a little before!
2013 August 3rd @ 13:38

Hey guys!

I am selling a T.M.Revolution SUMMARIZE DVDs + Abingdon Boy’s School Singles + Concert DVD Bundle!

Bundle includes:

- Summarize DVDs 1-4 (COMPLETE SET) (No.4 still in factory seal~)
- T.M. Revolution Live Revolution ‘06 ~Under: Cover~ Concert DVD (Two disk set)
- Abingdon Boy’s School INNOCENT SORROW single CD
- Abingdon Boy’s School HOWLING single CD
- Abingdon Boy’s School BLADE CORD single CD
- Abingdon Boy’s School NEPHILIM single CD

Please note: Some of the singles have slight scratches on the cases, but the CDs are perfect :) ‘Innocent Sorrow’ looks really cracked in the picture, but its just a crease in the factory plastic :). Summarize DVDs are ALL REGION and ~Under:Cover~ is REGION TWO (Japan).

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: Please calculate your shipping PRIOR TO BIDDING. I accept Paypal only :)

Thanks for looking! Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Please check the eBay link here: http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=151094946923

Thank you!

ALSO SELLING an Abingdon Boys School LIMITED EDITION CD+DVD Here: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/151094949951?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
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2013 August 2nd @ 11:22
Hey ladies and gents, the Otakon 2013 schedule has been posted.

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Hey guys, anyone have a english lyrics of ''Mizu ni Utsuru Tsuki''?

I need this so much.

Thanks. =)

2013 July 25th @ 14:58
Hey everyone! For those going to Otakon, I look a took at the Dealers Room layout and they recently added the location of TMR's booth.

Picture 2

It's number IND17 (highlighted in RED) and is right near the entrance to the Dealers Room location!

If you have never been to Otakon, this is located all the way at the bottom of the BCC. (And unless they change the layout) You have to go past the autograph section, down the stairs, take a left and go down more stairs and then *WAH-LA* you are there.

Just keep in mind, Otakon is the second largest anime convention in the United States, so the Dealers Room is HUGE. Though it doesn't seem like TMR's booth will be as big and crazy as it was at NYCC back in 2008, it should still be a decent size and hopefully filled with lots of goodies to purchase <3

The official schedule HAS NOT been posted, but alabaster, one of the Otakon chairs/head of Guest relations has given some details into the autograph session. Apparently TMR will have 2 sessions, one on Friday and one on Saturday. It seems there will be "forms" to fill out, so that probably means a lottery is going to occur. BUT at least everyone will most likely have two chances of meeting him, and two chances is better than one! More updates will follow as soon as I get word.

2013 July 23rd @ 10:54
T.M.R has new song coming up called 「Summer Blizzard」
And will be used for a ZEUS CM
2013 July 19th @ 14:35
Hey ladies and gents!

Otakon is fast approaching (3 weeks and counting <3) and I'd love to know who of our tmrevolutionist family is going to the convention :D

I sadly think it's too late for us to organize anything within the staff of the convention/turbo, but I'd love to meet up and maybe line up together with some familiar faces <3

Hope to see some of you awesome people there!