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15 Tracks by vote!
(a heads-up on this news provided by nishikawamura ^_^b)

For the self-cover best album, 10 songs were scheduled, however since there was an overwhelming ammount of votes there will be 15 TRACKS instead of 10! YES 5 Extra tracks! (I'm very excited to hear a new Hot Limit! I was so sad it wasn't in the top 10!)

It will go on sale on New Year's Day under the title "UNDER:COVER(アンダーカバー)" First press will have a bonus CD

We heard that he was interested in doing colaborations. And on turbo I think he had mentioned that he was working with other artists on this project (and of course everyone flipped out xD haha~). This is the first time he has collaborated with other artists.
So far, this article tells us that Heartsdales will join him in "HOT LIMIT" and YUNNA (or Younha, she is korean xD) will join him for "AQUALOVERS" (Um, Yunna is 17... something about him singing Aqualovers with a 17 yearold is wrong xD lol! but I LOVE Yunna. She has an excellent voice and is impressive on the piano so this'll be great!)

Also, if you voted, you'll remember that they asked for a handlename. Your handle will be included in a poster on the first press! So remember to pre-order it if you can!
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